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The Live 75 Makes a Move

The Live 75 Makes a Move
Racia Poston
Racia Poston

By Shayla Simmons
Meter Staff Writer

Racia Poston, newly-elected Student Government Association president for the 2015-16 school year, is living out the A.R.M.Y. platform on which she was elected to office.

She wants to set an example for the student body, she said. “The ‘A’ stands for acknowledge the voices of the students,” Poston began, “‘R’ for restoring TSU’s spirit, ‘M’ for maintaining academic superiority, and lastly ‘Y’ stands for yielding service on and off campus”.

With such high standards in place, the SGA begins its reformation process under this new administration. “We plan to create measurable and progressive footprints throughout our administration,” Poston said of her vision for the SGA.

Poston said getting closer to the student body of TSU is the organization’s primary focus during Homecoming week.  “We plan on rebranding SGA, we’ve even taken on the name of Live 75. Even though we have high positions we want to project the fact that we’re approachable and appealing. We want students to know that we can relate to the student body while still taking care of business”.

With such a focus on meeting the student body, the administration has taken the initiative to reach out to the campus through monthly SGA meetings open to the public and an Instagram account (@tsulive75) to give the public constant access to their representatives. SGA also introduced “Walkthrough Wednesdays” as part of their outreach initiative. “Walkthrough Wednesdays are a chance for us in SGA to see what concerns and issues students have in order to offer them a better tiger experience,” Poston explained.

Poston has a special message for the student body: “You all can definitely count on us to play our part in making sure your voices are heard to administration as well as everything else that our positions entail. But, we also must charge students to take action in taking better care of the campus as well as how we conduct ourselves on campus to make TSU better as a whole.”

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