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Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

The whole notion of “Excuses” has been on my mind for a while.

Each day I notice something new about myself and how I handle excuses. In the past week, I’ve noticed if I don’t have a good excuse for not doing something, I won’t make one.

Being very involved on campus and having to learn “excuses,” for not doing something or doing something, I choose not to make any. So, “What are excuses? What’s the purpose of an excuse?” I know most times we use them to get us out of trouble, but do we ever use them to get us in? Hmmm.

I find myself not using excuses if I don’t really have one.

For example, my friends wanted to go out. I did want to go out because…….., I had no reason. Once my friend asked me why, I had no response so I went out.

Another example is I’ve tried to quit my job so many times but they just don’t want to let me go. I’ve put in about three voluntary resignations and all were revoked.

But the last time, I put it in my boss called and left me a voicemail asking if it was real. It was real! But then her next question is why?

I had no reason, well no reason that I would allow myself to feel justified with. I could have said I just don’t like it, or it’s too much. But who am I to say that I can’t handle something that I’ve been dealing with for almost two years now.

That’s a BAD excuse in my eyes. Or who am I to say it’s too much. In the world, my dream job may be too much but I wouldn’t use that as an excuse. So to conclude that example I’m still there.

I’d like to know what others think. Answer these questions:  Are you using them in a justified way? Are you using them to get you out of or into trouble? Could you really say that sometimes you don’t need excuses?

After you answer yourself, ask yourself if you used an excuse to answer those questions? Today, let’s move forward and try not to use excuses if they are not needed.

Victoria J. Myles
President of Women of
Infinite Potential






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